LOFGE is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium lubricants serving the automotive, industrial, agricultural, high vacuum, metal processing, power generation, mining, cement, aviation, marine, oil exploration and other industries around the world. The company is headquartered in New Zealand and cooperates with professional lubricant blending plants in Europe and Southeast Asia to produce high-quality lubricant products. The sales and distribution network of LOFGE covers many countries and covers many ports.

LOFGE supplies lubricants for many commercial and industrial equipment. Conventional products are automotive lubricants (including motorcycle 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, automotive gasoline and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, brake fluids, greases). We also manufacture lubricant products for agricultural machinery, biological equipment, high vacuum, metalworking, power generation, mining, cement, marine engineering and general industry etc. We can tailor special lubricants to customer requirements and meet the requirements in the location where the product is used.

- Automotive Lubricants: Developed for consumers, providing specialty lubricants and services for automobiles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, mining and agricultural vehicles.


- Aviation, Industrial, Marine and Energy Lubricants: Provide professional lubrication solutions for industries such as manufacturing, high vacuum, metalworking, power generation, mining, cement, shipping, aviation and oil exploration. Our business operations provide the safest guarantee for the enterprise, increasing productivity, improving the working environment and extending the life of the equipment.

LOFGE is at the forefront of the ever-changing and evolving technical requirements of industrial equipment and vehicles, and we develop and test hundreds of new products every year. The company will satisfy customers with the best quality service. Welcome customers to understand our service and product performance and technical indicators.